Day 2 – Dance with Denise

Workout Cardio Dance Workout  Denise Austin – 30mins

This is a bit of a throwback. Think pure 90s with halter necks and school aerobics moves all round. Unless you are super unfit or really in the mood for a light workout I would only recommend this if you play some faster music over the top so you can go a bit harder. I put some house music on to dance to which got me sweating a bit. I enjoyed the aerobic/dance moves as they weren’t too difficult and were varied enough to keep it interesting. This one is good if you aren’t in the mood for a big workout. 4/10

Day 1 – Getting shredded

Workout 30 Day Shred – Level 1  Jillian Michaels – 30 mins

This workout is a classic and was a great way to start my fitness regime. I liked the fact that it was only 30 mins but you get a decent workout that made me ache the next day. For people (like me), who struggle constantly with motivation Jillian has some great motivational quotes that make you believe that you really can do it. Overall score 9/10.


Getting Fit to YouTube

This year I decided to abandon the safe, warm, world of the gym and try and get fit for free to YouTube workout videos and in the outside world. So, armed with my smart TV remote and free fitness apps, I’m beginning the journey to home-based fitness. No more comparing myself to beautiful 19 year olds, no more ‘being-judged-for-going-in-the weight-section’ and no more gym-fashion dilemmas…..